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Status Update: September 22nd, 2023

Status Update: September 22nd, 2023

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Based on years of additional iterations receiving extensive feedback, peer-review, research, and evidence-in-practice information, we have completely overhauled the advance process for the Role-Playing Game Professional (RPGP) training, workshops, certification, and diploma programs.

We are now working on getting the new Third Edition of the RPGP updates into our database and content repository to be in sync with the new Third Edition (Revised) Role-Playing Game Professional Workbooks and Study Guides that are expected to be published by late September or Early October for the first few volumes. There are now over 21 Volumes available for the revised RPGP program. The program has changed from a more college-focused style to a more "trades" approach to still have all of the same theory, research, and coursework, but point out the extensive hands-on real-world (and heavily peer-reviewed) work experience required for the program advancement, including changes levels and terminology to fit more in line with the Apprentice, Journeyman, Master (aka Professional Masters) model similar to trades like Electricians, Plumbers, etc.

As always, our programs are based heavily on (now) over 45 years of research and evidence-in-practice thanks to the non-profit 501(c)3 RPG Research (

Expect more frequent updates in the coming weeks as we get ready to open enrollment back up. It will first be available to the RPG.LLC Employees and RPG Research Volunteers to help further debug the quizzes, exams, and study content. Then when that has completed enrollment will open up to the previous beta students, with Level 0 training offered to them for free as a thank you for their patience and support. Then we'll open up all of the courses to the public (at standard rates).

Stay Tuned!